How 5 Offers A Week Can Change Your Life

Can you really spend only 6 hours a week to generate a 6 figure income? Yes!But… there are hurdles…

Wednesday June 7th 2:00 PM Central

Do you know the 3 biggest hurdles that people face when starting a real estate business?

It’s not LEADS.


It’s not the MARKET

Ready? Seats are Limited!

We give our Dream Partners the first 2 on that list (leads and knowledge), and the 3rd doesn’t even matter. It doesn’t!

So what are the 3 biggest hurdles (or what they THINK are hurdles)?

Let's Break Them Down:


Most people think that in order to be successful at real estate you need to work it 40-60 hours a week.

FALSE! I am going to show you how you can LEVERAGE only 6 HOURS A WEEK to generate 6 Figures, so that you can still work that full time job. **If you want to!**

How? By using my proven (20 years proven!) system to generate 5 offers a week. 5 simple offers a week will lead you to a 6 figure business. I even guarantee it!


If you have tried to make it with other types of real estate investing but found that you needed to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on marketing to generate leads, then you probably think that is just the way it is in real estate.

FALSE! Using the most basic and simple methodologies, I am going to show you how for as little as $50, you can generate MORE LEADS than you can HANDLE!

How? By simply reaching out to people that…wait for it….are already trying to SELL!


What I am talking about here is the fear of not being WORTHY of success!

“Who am I to _________?”

FALSE! I will show you how people form 19 - 75 have implemented and executed the EXACT strategies that I will be sharing with you on this call!

SAVE YOUR SEAT ffor this LIVE training as I dive into each of these highly important areas, and show you how to implement one of the easiest strategies in real estate!

I will show you how with just 5 OFFERS A WEEK, you can change your financial life forever!

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